Monday, June 20, 2016

Cloud Computing - An Investment Worth Your Time & Money!

Did I just say ‘investment’ and manage to grab your attention? I have all the conviction that the word investment gets a lot of eye balls glued at it, but I’m not here to burn a hole in your pockets or make your budget descend, at all. I’m here to share a lot of knowledge on something that holds all record of interest for you and I; I’m here to speak about technology, or in simpler words about ‘Investing in Cloud Computing’.

However, before I move ahead with all the information I’d like define the term Cloud Computing for you, just to make sure we’re on the right track of things. So here we go… 

“The technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain all the data and applications is referred to as Cloud Computing. It authorizes the consumers and the businesses to make use of the applications without any installation, thereby permitting them to access their personal files at any computer using internet. The technology is the kind that allows for a much more efficient computing by making use of centralizing data storage, processing and bandwidth.”

If facts are to be believed, then by the end of the year 2015, 90% of the businesses worldwide were using at least one service of cloud computing, and this number was supposed to reach 100% by the mid of 2016. We’re already in the mid and now it’s time to calculate how far have we come with cloud computing.
In case definition has already given you an impression of what the technique is all about, then half my work is already done and the only thing next I have to do is share with you its benefits and  tell you who’s your partner to assist you with this. So here I begin with the part that’s still under cover- ‘The Benefits of Cloud Computing Platform’. So, without wasting any more time, here are the benefits for my favorite service-

       Flexibility- Any or all of the cloud based services are ideal for businesses that experience fluctuating bandwidth demands. For example, if your business needs increase, it’s easier for you to scale up the capacity by drawing on the services to remote servers. In a similar fashion, if there is a need for you to scale down, the flexibility can be used as a service. This huge level of dexterity can benefit your business using the cloud computing real advantage over the competitors’.

    Automatic Software Update - The fact about cloud computing is that the servers here are off-premise, which means just don’t have them running in your head. Suppliers of cloud computing take care of the servers, while you do the regular work without getting disturbed. Also, the various software that are a part of the cloud are updated on a regular basis, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter (typically your business goals), rather than being concerned about the software updates. Now isn’t that a great thing?
cloud computing services

          Competitiveness - Speaking traditionally, not everyone has access to enterprise class technology, but with clouding computing everyone has now got their hands on it. This in indeed the simplest step to become more competitive, simultaneously allowing your business to perform faster than all your big-established competitors. The competitiveness of your business shows unprecedented growth if you choose to join hands with the cloud computing services.

        Document Control - Reducing the persistent and ongoing problems of sending files to and forth through emails has considerably reduced with the involvement of cloud computing for the same. Your files are no longer a pile of thrash because with cloud computing all of these get centrally stored, for anyone to access them when they want, without having to bother you. Document control becomes a vital characteristic of cloud computing, a definite reason why you should adopt it now.

           Security- Some days can be really bad, especially the ones when you lose your laptop and all the important information in it; while losing a laptop might not be a huge concern, but losing the important pieces of information in it can be. Cloud computing allows you to be extra sensitive towards such great loses, enabling you to find and delete the information on the lost laptop. The fact that cloud computing offers an extra secure feature is certainly a statement of its uniqueness and brilliance.


I haven’t witnessed a technique or technology better than cloud computing and I believe this is one of the finest investments for businesses; it’s an investment that’s worthy of all your time and money. So while you sit and decide who should you hire for the service, I just have to say, “Cloud Computing, you beautiful thing, thanks for making our lives less frenetic.

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