Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Technology Going the ‘Virtualization’ Way

Technology is a huge game and not everybody has the skill and the expertise to understand what it brings along and what it takes away; but those of you who know quite a lot about it would agree with me when I say “Technology is going the ‘Virtualization’ way.”
However, for those of you, who’re still wondering what I said and what Virtualization means, probably need to know everything about it from the very beginning of it. So this blog targets everything about virtualization and an explanation to why technology has taken that drift. 

The creation of a virtual (not actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources where the framework divides the resources into one or more execution environments is termed as virtualization.’
The concept of virtualization, a newly adopted one, comes around with a lot of myths and facts and it is essential for you as an organization to understand each of them for a detailed insight. Remember we’re moving fast with technology and anything new to it needs to be understood clearly before the final implementation.

The Myths of Virtualization -

Virtualization adds complexity to work - Now the tough part of virtualization is workload and convincing people that it has absolutely nothing to do with work complexity. Yes, I agree that there is a unique environment created and it’s big, but then again, managing a single virtual environment is easier than managing a number of groups, servers, etc. 

    Virtualization requires specialized skills and expertise - Yes it’s not something everyone can do with the blink of an eye, but then again it is also not something you cannot do at all. With a little information and guidance for the first few times, you can actually become a pro in handling virtualization without having any expertise or special skills. The myth therefore is put to an end with this explanation. 

         Virtualization is too expensive - No, it is not! It is often supposed and believed that the complete process of virtualization is expensive, which I’d like to say it is not. Just an affordable cost and you can have your hands on a virtual environment. I would rather say having a virtual environment instead of a number of them is a wiser decision in terms of money.
Having discussed the myths associated with Virtualization, the next thing that we need to know is how technology is being impacted by it. 

Talking about the trends and statistics, it is evident that it is difficult for organizations to maintain such large numbers of applications, servers, etc. which is why creating a virtual environment for any or all of these proves to be an advantage. Virtualization Technology Service has a broader perspective to it and this is the perspective that focuses on the fact that virtualization has become an aspect of technology.

Well honestly if I have to tell you my views about virtualization, the only thing that I would say is, “it is one of the fastest growing technologies and within the next few years I feel it will be a massive success with more companies and organizations joining hands with it.”

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