Friday, August 12, 2016

Attain an Efficient Way to Migrate Your Multiple Email Messages – Email Migration

Enterprise throughout the business world requires reliable and secure business driving applications to maintain their competitive edge and build profitability. One of the best enterprise-grade business tools is Email Migration that provides you consolidation, backup, coexistence and up gradation. 

Emails are an integral part of the modern-day business integration and they are essential in day-to-day communication among employers, employees and clients.  Emails hold crucial business information and they facilitate easy flow of business data. Nowadays, many businesses attain Email Migration service by which one can easily migrate multiple email messages from one client to another.  To ensure the success of your migration process, you need to make sure you archive some of the following objectives: 
  •  No data is lost during the transition process.
  •  No system downtime- your business still needs to operate
  •  It is done quickly and cost effectively
In an organization there are numerous reasons why you require mailbox migration, for example- Maybe you need to be migrated because a company wants to use a new email service provider. Generally a simple one-time migration approach may be employed. Wintellisys offer 4 scenarios of email and active directory migration service: 

  • Consolidation:  Email migration is the best way to consolidate multiple accounts into one. For example- employee’s departure report. 
  • Backup:  If you want to protect your data from threats and virus, Email Migration offers an amazing backup service to secure your personal data. 
  • Coexistence:  Email Migration is performed for evaluation purposes. Such as during a migration pilot.
  • Upgrade:  Wintellisys presents an amazing service that will upgrade your email system in the latest version. For example: if you want deploy a new version of email system we will do for you.
If you are still confused about changing your email platform, here we are going to describe some of the major reasons why your organization should consider email migration service:

Speed:Previous Email systems are significantly slower than modern platforms. This issue can only get worse over time. The mail system becomes slower, as the mailbox gets packed. Switching to a different system- particularly web-based mail systems that can help to increase the speed of service. In addition, your employees will not be forced to delete data in order to prevent slowdowns. The user can also benefit from faster and reliable experience with various gadgets and locations. 

User Expectations:Technology seems to be advancing at a more rapid rate than ever before and consumer protection does not lag behind. This means that consumers who are accustomed to web-based email will need browser apps and hence, they should be familiar with various devices. If your office workers struggle with devices that are not comprehensive, morale and productivity are reduced. 

Cost:When it comes to costs, there are several crucial monetary factors to keep in mind while considering email and data migration. To start with, premium email service platform such as Exchange and Note are costly to operate. Not only will you need dedicated software and hardware systems for both client and server platforms, but you will also require a separate IT department to handle and operate them. Hence, it is important to establish whether email migration will be cost effective in the long run or not.

Although there are numerous reasons for you to consider are email migration for your business, it is important to bear in mind that moving to the new email system can be complicated and risky undertaking. Before you start moving to any new email system, be sure to work with a reliable team of IT experts and according to me Wintellisys is perfect for you.

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